1. I need an English qualification for my UK visa/ citizenship/ILR application. Can you help? 
2. How can I enrol for a Cambridge English exam? 
3. How can I send my payment? 
4. Can I enter an exam after the entry deadline has passed? 
5. What is the cost of my exam? 
6. Where are the exams held?  
7. Are the speaking tests on the same day? 
8. What must I bring with me to the exam? 
9. How will I get my results? 
10. Do you run Computer-Based (CB) exams? 
1. Sorry, due to the changes made by the Home Office, we can no longer accept candidates who need English qualifications for UK Visa or Immigration purposes. You will need to find a SELTs centre. 
2. If you are studying at a language school, the school will organise this for you. Private candidates should download an entry form and send it back to us by 
the book my exam site: 
email. Our email address is 
3. Most candidates pay by bank transfer. Our bank details can be downloaded on the "Exam Dates & Fees" page. You will receive a receipt. If you are studying at a language school, please pay the school direct. 
4. Usually yes, if there are spaces available, but you will have to pay a late entry fee. 
5. The entry fees are shown on the "Exam Dates & Fees" page. 
6. Most of our exams are held in Torquay, but we run speaking tests in both Exeter and Torquay in when required. You will find details of your exam venues on your Confirmation of Entry. 
7. Sometimes they are on the same day. If they are on a different date, this will usually be before the main exam date. 
8. You must bring your passport (or other national photo ID) to all the exams. This must match the ID number you give on the entry form. 
We provide pens, pencils and erasers, but you can bring your own highlighter pen if you wish. You are not allowed to have erasable pens or correction fluid/tape during the exam. 
9. You can get your results online by using your ID and Secret Number, shown on your Confirmation of Entry. 
10. No, at the moment we are only running Paper-Based exams due to a lack of interest in CB exams. 
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